Fantabulous Hair

Changing the way you look after your hair!

Getting Rid of Those Ends

Fantabulous Hair on the Road 2 – Episode 2
Pamela Renee created a new look for model, Khadijah Abdullah who was desperate for a new look after a wearing braids for a while.


Going From Girl to Glam!

Fantabulous Hair on the Road – Episode 1 Preparing for a Sweet Sixteen Party – Nina Abdool wanted something different for her coming of age party.  

Season 2 Trailer

We’re featuring real women with real hair issues. Pamela Renee and her team work magic on these tresses and turn these women from fine to Fantabulous!


Cut the frizz!

Season 2 – Episode 7
Maria Selena Rodriguez visited Pamela Renee complaining about her dry, frizzy hair. Pamela Renee gave her a Fantabulous straight bob and moisturizing treatment.

Banish Dry Hair!

Season 2 – Episode 6 

Angela Peeples came in concerned about her dry, brittle flaky hair. Pamela Renee fixed all of that with her hydration system.


Cutting Up In Style

Season 2 – Episode 5
This week Pamela Renee cuts layers to add volume to Gigi’s hair.


No More Wigs

Season 2 – Episode 4
Pamela Renee creates volume and movement with Felita Lawrence’s fine, limp hair.


Combat Dry Hair

Season 2 – Episode 3
Watch as Pamela Renee works miracles with Darlene’s super dry hair.


Runway Hair

Season 2 – Episode 2
This week Pamela Renee gives model Stephanie Fleitas a runway-style hair makeover.


Shape and Volume

Season 2 – Episode 1
Model Tammy Martin sent in a video to ask Pamela for help with her hair. Check out how Pamela gave her hair shape and volume – Fantabulous!


Maintaining Your Weave

Season 1 – Episode 7
Pamela Renee shows explains how to maintain a weave. Weaves also need good care and attention that includes shampoo, condition and cutting into a Fantabulous style. Today’s model is Danielle White.


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